Sovereign Investment Authority Set 2022 for Completion of Road Projects

The Nigeria Sovereign Investment Authority says the projected completion date for the second Niger Bridge, Lagos-Ibadan, as well as Abuja-Kaduna-Zaria-Kano, express roads is between February and July 2022.

The Managing Director of the Fund, Mr. Uche Orji stated this during a virtual news briefing on the performance of the Sovereign Wealth Fund last year.

Mr. Orji said the NSIA had committed over three hundred million dollars to the projects under Presidential Infrastructure Development Fund and that there was no anticipated delay to the proposed completion dates.

On last year’s performance of the fund, Mr. Orji said its total income was thirty six point one billion naira while it recorded a five percent growth in asset as its total asset was now over six hundred and forty nine billion naira.

Under it fertilizer initiative, it produced six point five million bags of fertilizer last year and upgraded healthcare facilities for cancer treatment and diagnostics in three teaching hospitals in  Lagos, Kano and Umuahia.

The NSIA was established in 2011 to manage the country’s sovereign wealth fund.


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