Let accuracy be your watchword – Experts Tell Journalists

Journalists should be accurate, fair, skilled, credible, and competent in their reportage before, during and after 2023 elections.

This was the submission of a veteran Journalist, Dr Segun Aderiye, at a day workshop organized by the First Television Media Training Center in collaboration with Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria, FRCN, Ibadan.

Among other qualities of a credible political reporter which Dr Aderiye mentioned were being patriotic and unbiased.

Dr Aderiye said such Spirit would enable a reporter to ensure balance and portray transparency .

” A political reporter must be bold and courageous enough to ask burning questions, putting the politicians on the spot”
“He must ask pertinent questions, must be well educated in history, geography, politics, and sports”.

Also, former Director, National Orientation Agency, NOA, Mr Femi Mapaderun, who was a political Correspondent for many years, explained that, political reporter should have stamina for the profession in other to succeed.

“know something about everything”

Mr Madaperun noted that, Journalism is a public trust, hence the need to guard the profession jealously, with personal skills, professional integrity and credibility.

” you must have nose for news, find out what is strange, unusual, unique to be reported”. Don’t use social media as your sources of news.

Contributing, a veteran journalist and former Nigeria Ambassador to The Philippines, Dr. Yemi Farounbi pointed out that Radio Nigeria was known for objective reportage but there was need for continuous training of its staff in the face of changing technology.

“Radio Nigeria is known for professionalism, but we cannot go and sleep because of changes in the demand of the society.

“Changing values, changes in technology, so there is need for the broadcasters to be trained and retrained’.Dr Farounbi noted

Dr. Yemi Farounbi and ZD, FRCN Ibadan, Mrs Bolatito Joseph

Another Veteran journalist and former Director, Investigation and Enforcement, NBC ,Femi Ayeni, said it was important for journalists to be on top of their game by knowing something about everything as crucial to effective political reporting.

“To cover elections well, you must be well grounded. You must know so much that even when they wake you up, you will be able to tell the story of how it happened”.

Mr Ayeni expressed concern that professionalism was almost eroded in journalism due to influx of quacks, which he said had the capability of reducing the credibility of media organizations.

He urged political reporters to be wary of booby traps being set by politicians by avoiding collection of gifts either monetary or otherwise.
“There is need to be extremely careful on thing reporters collect from politicians as It can be used as a blackmail tool by some unscrupulous politicians”

In a remark, the Chairman, Board of Trustees of the Center, Chief Adebisi Adesola
thanked the zonal Director for collaborating with the centre on the training.He pointed out that a journalist could not be blamed for error if he was not trained.
‘You cannot blame, if you do not train’. Chief Adebisi said.

Chief Adebisi Adesola

Earlier, the Zonal Director FRCN Ibadan, Mrs Bolatito Joseph, appreciated the efforts of the veterans to make reportage a better one regardless of the outcome.

“I really appreciate every veteran journalist who deemed it fit to be part of this one day workshop in equipping the political reporters ahead of 2023 elections”.

Mrs Bolatito promised that there would be a great turnaround in Radio Nigeria to retain its leading position in the broadcast industry for others to emulate.

ZD, FRCN Ibadan, Mrs Bolatito Joseph

Participants at the workshop praised efforts of the corporation to organize the training.

Cross section of Participants at the workshop

They pledged to reflect the knowledge acquired in their profession.

Taiwo Akinola/ Titilayo Kupoliyi.


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