By Fasilat Lawal

Iodine salt in daily diet has significant health benefits. 

Consultant General and Endocrine Surgeon, University College Hospital, Ibadan, Dr Adefemi Afolabi made the submission in an interview with Radio Nigeria Ibadan on the occasion to mark this year’s World Thyroid Day. 

He explained that right intake of iodine salt prevents disorder in the organ of the body known as thyroid gland.

Dr Afolabi pointed out that the commonest causes of thyroid disorder in society is iodine deficiency as a result of inadequate iodine in diets resulting in the malfunctioning of the thyroid gland. 

He described iodine as being essential because it enables the thyroid glands to perform the function of producing hormones to the glands.

The Endocrine Surgeon said  thyroid disorder could be hereditary, which accounts for its being found among some newborns.

Dr Afolabi who said thyroid disorder is curable, enjoined people to visit health facilities when any sign of abnormalities is dected in the lower part of the neck.

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