By Dayo Adu

The Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, has advised political office holders to rule with human face so as not to give the military the impetus to stage a coup.

The Oyo State Chairman of CAN, Apostle Joshua Akinyemiju, gave the advice while reacting to the Military take over of power in Gabon.

Apostle Akinyemiju explained that the military enjoy robust welfare and emoluments under the civilian administration compared to when they’re in power.

He noted that when the commonwealth of the citizens is embezzled by the politicians thereby creating hardship situations for the the people, call for Military intervention becomes the song on the lips of the masses and it could propel the armed forces to forcefully take over.

The CAN Chairman, enjoined the ECOWAS under the Leadership of President Bola Tinubu to train it’s members on the importance of delivering dividend of democracy in their respective countries so as to forestall the spate of coup detat ravaging the African continent

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