President Bola Tinubu has advised APC Governors to put the interest of the people first and work for the good of their states.

Receiving outgoing Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State, the re-elected Governor of Imo State, Hope Uzodinma, and the Governor-elect of Kogi State, Alhaji Ahmed Ododo, in Abuja, the President expressed satisfaction with the outcome of the elections, which he described as “free, fair, and peaceful”.

“You worked hard for this victory. I am very proud of you, but the real challenge has only started, and it will stare you in the face. That is the challenge of good governance. Make sure that everyone is carried along. You are now the servants of the people. To God be all the glory for the victories, and may God guide you,” he told them.

“Once the people of Nigeria and their concerns are the focal point of your plans and actions, not only will governance be easier for you, but you will enhance the value of your states and the masses of the people will have new opportunities to grow and enjoy a new standard of living. This must be your driving focus as governors, but especially as governors elected on the platform of our great party.”

He hailed the APC for winning “Two out of three” governorship contests, saying, “[this] is not a bad way to start”, and urged his guests to “focus not on winning the elections alone but on delivering for the people”.

“They (the people) are sovereign, and when we achieve what we promise, voters will respect us,” the President admonished his guests, adding: “We will work with you at the sub-national levels, and we will uphold the strength and superior excellence that is symbolized by the eagle on our coat of arms.”

Dr Abdullahi Ganduje, the National Chairman of the APC, who led the Governors-elect and other ruling party stalwarts to meet with the President, said the party’s candidates conducted themselves “with integrity” as directed by the President during the elections, and applauded the APC for conceding victory to the opposition in Bayelsa State.

“We lost the election in Bayelsa, and we have conceded in good faith. You directed that the elections should be free, fair, and peaceful, and it was so,” Dr Ganduje told President Tinubu.

Speaking on behalf of the candidates who contested the elections, Governor Uzodinma thanked the President for “providing strong and purposeful leadership” at the centre, which he said “enabled and energised” their campaigns.

“We won because of the leadership you demonstrated. The country was struggling, but the economy has been responding to the reforms and rapid-response strategy you have put in place,” he said.

Abdullah Bello

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