By Oluwatoyin Adegoke

Forty Eight years after the former Head of State, General Murtala Ramat Muhammed was assassinated, some Nigerians have described his short regime as very impactful on Nigeria’s political and economic growth. 

A retired Head of Service in Ogun State, Dr Nofiu Aigoro said the creation of 9 States, including Ogun, ten days before General Murtala Mohammed was assassinated remained a landmark achievement in the history of the Country. 

The former Head of Service in Ogun State also applauded General Murtala Mohammed’s regime for initiating the process for the return of civilian rule and moving the Federal capital to Abuja within the regime’s short lifespan that lasted less than 7 months. 

Also, a former Deputy Speaker of the State House of Assembly and an ex-soldier, Mr Dare Kadiri described the late General Murtala Muhammed as a role model, whose leadership style had helped to enhance his career as a young military officer.

Mr Kadiri maintained that the assassination of late Muritala Muhammed was a turning point for the military’s reformation, away from incessant coups, towards professionalism and renewed commitment in rendering service to their fatherland.

The assassination of General Murtala Ramat Muhammed in his car, while stuck in traffic in Lagos, on February 13th, 1976 was part of an unsuccessful coup attempt, subsequently, his top aide, Lieutenant General Olusegun Obasanjo, became the Head of Government.

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