Jersey’s States Assembly has supported calls for “an immediate suspension of hostilities” leading to “a permanent ceasefire” in Gaza.

Politicians unanimously agreed to a proposition from Deputy Montfort Tadier, after it had been amended by the External Relations Minister.

Earlier, around 60 people had gathered in the Royal Square in St Helier to call for peace.

Israel and the Palestinian group Hamas have been at war since early October.

States Members concluded: “An immediate suspension of hostilities should be established to enable the unconditional release of hostages and those held under unlawful detention, the urgent provision of humanitarian assistance, and a permanent ceasefire.”

They also agreed: “To express their profound sadness and dismay at the extent of loss of civilian lives in Gaza and Israel and to condemn the taking of hostages and all acts of aggression which violate international law and result in death and harm to civilians, especially women and children.”

The wording of the proposition underwent a number of changes before it was put to a final vote.

Mr Tadier wanted to include the words “international law should be adhered to in order to stop further significant loss of civilian lives and to avoid potential acts of genocide”.

He referred to an interim ruling of the UN’s top court, which last month ordered Israel to take all measures to prevent genocidal acts in Gaza.

BBC/Adebukola Aluko


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