By Olaolu Fawole

Transportation system in Nigeria faces numerous challenges. These include congested roads, poor condition of roads, high cost of fuel and diesel, as well as overdependence on vehicles as means of transportation.

To stem the challenges faced by residents, both federal and state governments need to introduce very fast railbus vehicles to the transportation infrastructure of the nation.
The introduction of railbus vehicles has significant benefits, which include decongesting the nation’s road networks.

By providing an alternative means of transportation such as railbus vehicles, there would be reduction of heavy traffic on Nigeria’s roads. It is expected that it can decrease the number of vehicles on the road.
Railbus vehicles are electric solar powered means of transportation, therefore all tracks will be installed with state of the art solar panels to power all trips. It is worthy to note that it will reduce carbon emissions, sustain a cost-effective energy supply and for passengers, it will translate into lower fares.
Its introduction will attract investment, support rapid development of cities and thereby spur economic growth. They are equally safer compared to vehicles.

With the high level of unemployment in the country, the introduction of railbus vehicles can provide job opportunities in different sectors such as construction, engineering and other menial jobs.

In conclusion, railbus vehicles can play crucial roles in transforming the nation’s transportation landscape, support sustainable development, improve the welfare of the people and ensure rapid economic growth.


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