By Oluwakayode Banjo

In a world full of many social vices and decadence, not many people can be described as a saint.

However, among the few who can be described as a saint without any reservation is Reverend Sister Agnes Mary Hassan.

Although, Reverend Sister Agnes Mary Hassan left this sinful world on the 22nd of May, 2024, few days after her 87th birthday, many who were close to her described her as a “Living Saint” while she was alive.

One of those individuals is the Secretary, Board of Trustees, Saint Teresa College, Ibadan Old Girls Association, Otunba Ranti Koiki.

Speaking at a news conference at an event in Ibadan to officially announce the demise of Reverend Sister Hassan, who was the Chairman of the board, Otunba Koiki described her as a faultless human being, who spent her entire life grooming thousands of girls, especially those who had one connection or the other with Saint Teresa College.

Otunba Koiki said Reverend Sister Hassan was a mother, life teacher and spiritual leader whose legacies would be difficult to replicate.

She said though the board would soon appoint a new chairman, no one could fill the vacuum left by Reverend Sister Hassan.

“She was a mother, despite the fact that she was a Nun, very passionate, loving, forgiving and a life teacher. She was not only a teacher; she was a mentor, spiritual leader and a God-fearing woman. She radiates love, gave so much attention to grooming girls. She made us what we are today.” 

“You know, it’s very hard to say a human being is faultless, but I will tell you for free that she was faultless. She had passion for her calling; milk of kindness flowed from her naturally. She did not have biological children, but had thousands of girls as her children and we loved her, took care of her and were there for her till her last breath.”

“We cannot replace her; we can just put somebody in her position. It is a collosal loss. You have people like that, once in a lifetime. I have never met anybody like her and I don’t think even if I live for another 50 years (I’m 58 years), I will still meet somebody like her.”

Otunba Koiki, who said Reverend Sister Hassan served as the chairman of the board of trustees, Saint Teresa college Ibadan Old Girls Association for 10 years, highlighted some of her remarkable achievements during her tenure to include planting of the Alumni branches in other parts of the country and outside Nigeria, as well as, renovation of many facilities within the school premises.

“She was the first chairman ever of the Board of Trustees. In her time, we were able to plant branches here and in the diaspora. It was when she became the Board’s chairman that we had the first general election of the Alumni association in 2019. You know how bad the schools are with successive governments, We were able to renovate the school like 95%. She was always visiting the school, she did a lot, she was an achiever. She lived a fulfilled life and we will soon immortalise her.”

Otunba Koiki, who was the first National President of Old Girls Association, said she was shocked when she was informed about the demise of Reverend Sister Hassan because she was with her the previous day and she was looking agile and lively.

“I was with her the previous day, she was good, she just did her laundry and was in very high spirit. But, she said something that day, she said ‘ARA ORUN NI MI’ and that was deep. She told me that day that I should not worry, when she’s ready to go, she wouldn’t disturb or harass anybody or put us in trouble you know for people to be taking turns to visit her in hospital, that she’s just going to slip away and that was what she did.”

Although Reverend Sister Agnes Mary Hassan’s father was from Ireland and Mother from Kano State Nigeria, Otunba Koiki said she preferred to be called a Yoruba woman.

“She died a Yoruba woman because all her life she will tell you she is a Yoruba woman and she refused to speak English.”

Otunba Koiki said the funeral activities for Reverend Sister Hassan would begin on the 14th of this month with a Requiem Mass at Queen of Apostle Catholic Church, Ilupeju, Lagos state at 10 O’clock in the morning.

According to her, other funeral activities include vigil masses on the 20th of this month and a funeral mass on the 21st at Saint Patrick Catholic Church, Bashorun, Ibadan.

Reverend Sister Agnes Mary Hassan born on the 9th of May, 1937, attended Saint Teresa College, Ibadan for her secondary school education before serving the school for 35 years as a teacher, Vice Principal and later Principal.

She was the pioneer Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the college which was constituted in 2014.

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