Yoruba Groups Reiterate Support for “Operation Amotekun”

Members of various Yoruba groups today converged on the Remembrance Arcade, Agodi Ibadan to drum support for “Operation Amotekun”

They include Youth Groups, Agbekoya Group, Atayese, Yoruba Reconciliation Groups, Kaaro Ojiire Group, Oodua People Congress, and Majiyagbe Group. 

Radio Nigeria reporter, Adedayo Adelowo reports that “Operation Amotekun“is the codename for the Western Nigeria Security Network, WNSN which was ratified by the governors of the Southwest states with the aim of strengthening security within the region. 

The people also chanted their slogan to stress their determination and resilience on the establishment of “Operation Amotekun“. 

A cross-section of the Yoruba Groups at the Remembrance Arcade, Governor’s House, Agodi, Ibadan
Photo Credit: (c) Adedayo Adelowo

Speaking with Radio Nigeria, Overall head of Agbekoya, Mr. Olalere Ayalu pledged loyalty to Operation Amotekun on the claims that the Yorubas had been a subject of oppression in recent years. 

Chief Security Officer, Yoruba World Congress, Evangelist Kunle Adesokan said the group was emphatically in support of the formation of the WNSN by the Southwest governors.

Evangelist Adesokan while explaining that the WNSN was not to witch-hunt any group, tribe or political party, but to protect lives and property, urged the governors of the Southwest states not to go back on their decision irrespective of political differences. 

A cross-section of the Yoruba Groups at the Remembrance Arcade, Governor’s House, Agodi, Ibadan.
Photo Credit: (c) Adedayo Adelowo

The creation of “Operation Amotekun” by the Southwest governors has become a major national issue in recent times. 

Arguments, claims, counterclaims and various reactions on the legality of the scheme have also been brought forward. 

Adedayo Adelowo

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