September 25, 2020

Conference Speakers Hinge Church Ineffectiveness on Indiscipline

When church leaders live like Jesus Christ and encourage their followers to do the same, the church, society, and the nation would be a lot better.

This was the submission of speakers at the OIKOS International Discipleship Conference organized by Every Home for Christ at Molete Baptist Church, Molete, Ibadan.

Speaking on methods of discipleship, Regional Director, Every Home for Christ, Reverend Lanre Dasilva said in three and half years Jesus transferred everything in himself to his disciples and their lives completely changed.

They also transformed the world around them.

The same principle, when imbibed by leaders would produce genuine Christians who would shun corruption, immorality and other vices prevalent in the church today.

Reverend Dasilva said the best way to become a disciple was to be selfless and be willing to work for God without material expectations.

On his part, African Continental Director of Every Home for Christ International, Dr Cleopas Chitapa explained that the purpose of the conference was to teach the importance of Discipleship.

He stressed the need for discipline among church leaders for them to carry out their assignment effectively.

The third speaker, Reverend Albert Aina identified problems bedevilling the church to include pastors that were never born again, baby-Christians-made pastors, laying emphasis on attendance, building, and cash rather than soul-winning, and carnality on the altar.

Earlier in a welcome address, the convener of the program, Dr Peter Akanji noted that OIKOS is a Greek word which means family, home or household and that the essence of the conference was to ensure that every home was reached with the gospel of Christ.

The program had participants from across the Southwest.

Rasheedah Makinde

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