Reviewing Events Leading to Sunday Shodipe’s Rearrest

The case of a nineteen year old alleged serial killer, Sunday Shodipe continues to generate lots of reactions.

Some weeks back, Shodipe was arrested for alleged serial killing at Akinyele Local Government Area of Oyo State.

After the arrest, Shodipe managed to escape from police custody and went ahead to kill another woman in the same environment.

Consequently, the police began hunting for Shodipe, who was later rearrested through collaboration with members of the public.

During a police parade, Shodipe explained that the herbalist he was working with, Idris Ajani, who was also in the cell with him, called for some ingredients, which he wanted to eat to avoid being attacked spiritually.

Unknown to the police, the herbalist wanted to use the ingredients to facilitate Shodipe’s escape.

Shodipe explained that the herbalist fed him with the substance purchased, including dry gin and kolanut which aided his escape from the cell.

Shodipe added that after his escape, he went ahead to kill another woman as directed by the herbalist.

The public outcry following the latest killing prompted the renewed efforts by the police which eventually paid off with the rearrest of Shodipe.

Rasheeda Makinde

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