We Will Name and Shame Officers Denting Police Image – PPRO

The Force Headquarters has said, any officer caught tarnishing the image of the Nigerian Police Force will be named and his picture displayed to the public to serve as deterrent to others.

The Acting Police Public Relations Officer, Muyiwa Adejobi stated this in an interview with Radio Nigeria correspondent in Ibadan.

Mr Adejobi said the step became imperative as the actions of some officers had tarnished the image of the force.

He lamented that, members of the public were now finding it difficult to trust the security agency.

“The image of the police is being dented.
We have noticed that many of them have this belief that the entire police authority will be liable for their crime, which means they don’t know them they only know their commanding officers, their heads of departments.

They generally believe belief that “” who sabi me””( which means who knows me, let me do what I want to do and I will get away with it.

Know that, that era has gone, we are not only going to give query to their commanding officers and their bosses.

The main offenders will be mentioned and fished out and the person should be named and shamed to let people know those who do all these evil are on their own

Inspector-general of police has given this directive from Abuja that this is what we want and this should be done .

many of them are deviant on the road and whenever you come across them they say ‘go ahead’ and disobey the directive of the senior general police.

This is why I said I will name and sham them. That era has gone that you will report to us that a police officer has done something,and will pretend as if we don’t know.

Now, we will surely investigate, we will not just keep quiet ,no, let them know that Nigerians want the best from us, people believe we are bad because we don’t push out those tarnishing our image so let’s obtain this method and see how it is going to work .

There are cases in Lagos that people are appreciating what police authority have done”. The PPRO said.

Abisola Oluremi


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