By Olaitan Oye-Adeitan & Maxwell Oyekunle

It may look so chaotic at the moment, the pressures of life may be mounting, and the atmosphere may be tension soaked with the daily queues at the Automated Teller  Machines, ATMs and Filling Stations being energy-sapping and time-draining.

But in all of these, one thing remains unconquerable and that is, LOVE. 

It’s a voice that cannot be silenced and a power that cannot be defeated.

It gives strength and whispers hope.

The fire of love keeps burning, a river that keeps flowing, a fountain that never dries.

 It’s the only fire that never destroys but builds, L O V E.

It shines in the darkest moments, reaching out to the soul, calming the nerves, soothing the pains, wiping the tears, and making life worth living.

Lovers holding hands during sunset (Stock Photo)

“Love is real, love exists, love is beautiful” are the words of a  Relationship Expert and popular radio presenter of a  love and relationship programme, ‘Heart To Heart’, ‘Dayo Adenuga.

Despite all, of these, claiming to love someone isn’t always enough to keep the relationship with such a person.

‘Dayo Adenuga puts it this way in one of his love shows, saying ”I love you is not enough”, saying, “I love you is not commitment”. It takes the two to make it work.

As beautiful as love is, it is not immune to conflicts or disagreement as some may think.

According to a relationship coach, Adetutu Oshofowora, Conflicts are a normal part of a healthy relationship.

Adetutu Oshofowora (Coach Tusky)

What however determines whether the conflict will make or mar a relationship depends on how the parties handle it.

Today,  the world remembers the heroic deeds of the legendary, St Valentine, who was said to have given his life in the pursuit of  uniting lovers as a way of saving the lives of young men  from fighting in a tyrant’s war,  

The town may not be painted in the usual celebratory red, the bouquet may not be delivered, chocolates may not be bought in their usual volume, and special treats may not be offered.

There comes the question, is there really love without any giving?

To understand love better, ‘Dayo Adenuga says “it takes knowing God”.


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