Uganda’s Deputy Finance Minister Amos Lugoloobi has been arrested in connection with the misappropriation of iron roofing sheets meant for vulnerable people in the northeastern Karamoja region.

He is now the second Ugandan minister to have been detained over the corruption scandal.

It follows this week’s court appearance by the minister for the region, Mary Goretti Kitutu. She pleaded not guilty.

It is reported that several other officials and politicians received consignments of some of the 14,500 iron roofing materials.

Mr Lugoloobi is reported to have received at least 600 iron sheets.

Local media reported in March that he had used some for an animal shed on his farm. They later printed photos indicating that the shed had had its roof removed after the story broke.

The government has been under pressure to arrest and charge more of the officials implicated in the scandal.

President Yoweri Museveni, under pressure from the public to take action, earlier this week ordered the ministers to return roofing sheets or pay back to the government a cash equivalent.

Corruption scandals such as these are quite common in Uganda, and high-profile government officials have been previously charged, but convictions or sackings are quite rare.

BBC/Simeon Ugbodovon

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