By Oluwatoyin Adegoke

As part of efforts to prevent the spread of Anthrax, Ogun State government has announced a ban on the sale of animals at undesignated locations or movement of live animals without approval as Muslims prepare for this year’s Eid- el -Kabir. 

The government through the ministry of agriculture also advised residents to avoid touching and the consumption of any animal that died suddenly or those showing signs of bleeding through natural body openings, like the mouth, nostrils, ears and anus. 

A statement by the Permanent Secretary, Mr Samuel Adeogun emphasized the need for public awareness and precautionary measures following the recent announcement by the Federal Government on the outbreak of Anthrax in some neighbouring countries. 

Mr Adeogun who maintained that the state government was committed to ensuring the health and safety of the residents, urged them to buy meat  from approved slaughter slabs and promptly notify the relevant authorities if they noticed any dead or live animal with symptoms of Anthrax. 

The federal government had earlier alerted the public of recorded cases of outbreak of Anthrax, a disease affecting both wild and domestic animals and could be transmitted among humans through contact with infected animals, including cattle, sheep, goat, and antelope.


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