By Titilayo Kupoliyi

What would be your response if someone slaps you, not because you offended the person but all because you wanted to purchase something on sale?

I guess quite a lot of you out there will not take it; rowdy scenes and fisticuffs might follow flared up tempers!

But that is the culture in Japan, and ironically, you even pay for the slap!

There are some izakaya-Japanese bar which offer you a slap service by almost all cases a female waitress (young female). 

Price varies from 300JPR – 500JPY and at some places you can select which staff to slap you for 100JPY on the top.

Where can you get this service if you may be into it? And a simple question is why the slap being a thing in Japan?

 Why slapping is so popular/accepted in Japan

One perspective had been that a face-slap was a very common way of punishment at schools in Japan till 90s, especially in 70s and 80s. If you studied in a school in Japan, you witnessed some of your classmates hit by teachers of course for doing something very bad.

You also notice many of the TV drams based on school life in Japan during that era cannot be aired basically because of many scenes of physical punishments therein. 

We know these punishments were/still are actually common in many countries though.

Good or bad, this way, many are used to the concept of “slap” even if not to being slapped.

Another perspective: this should have come from the Antonio Inoki – a Japanese professional wrestler who recently passed away (1943-2022).

Many believed that his slap could give them power and luck and many asked him to slap them.

This made a slapping-as-service normal in Japan. And this was combined by a slightly kinky demand from men wanting to be slapped by women such as a SM club in Japan. We consider this slap service at bar in Japan a mini-version of S and M club service.

Another reason is of course, you get attention on SNS for such a post. Some friends overseas even sent us the posts of slaps at bar in Japan.

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