Lionel Messi has continued to enjoy his last days of vacation as he ventures into the world of acting.

Messi made his debut as an actor in a series called ‘Los Protectores’, which is broadcast in Argentina via the Star+ streaming service and in which the 36-year-old striker plays himself.

The second season of ‘Los Protectores’ premiered on Sunday, June 25th, a day after Messi’s 36th birthday and features movie stars Adrian Suar, Andres Parra, and Gustavo Bermudez The scene in which Messi appears lasts approximately five minutes and in it the Rosario player is featured along with three representatives played by Argentine actors Adrián Suar, Gustavo Bermúdez and the Colombian Andres Parra.

He is visited in the French capital by the three agents, played by actors Andres Parra, Adrian Suar and Gustavo Bermudez.

Under the pretence of discussing a project to support young players who compete in several European clubs, the agents annoy Messi when they start to request photographs, autographs and videos with the seven-time Ballon d’Or winner.

One of the trio, Renzo “Mago” Magoya then pitches a ridiculous proposal which would see Messi play one game for every club in Argentina. Messi is not impressed with the idea and is not afraid of telling them, making for an awkward situation. The air is eventually cleared, with everyone raising a glass of champagne for a toast.

Vanguard/ Oluwayemisi Owonikoko

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