By Fasilat Lawal

Healthy lifestyle is essential to maintaining the brain’s function, thus safeguarding it against Alzheimer.

A Geriatric Neurologist and Translational Neuroscience, Institute for Advance Medical Researchers and Training, College Of Medicine University of Ibadan, Professor Rufus Akinyemi made this known this at a news conference at University College Hospital, UCH, Campus, Ibadan to mark World Alzheimer’s Day.

Professor Akinyemi described Alzheimer as the most common type of dementia that occurs when the brain does not get enough circulation of blood.

The Geriatric Neurologist and Translational Neuroscientist explained that this disease is commonly found among the elderly, and it becomes severe when they do not have capacity to identify things, remember things or function independently on their own.

Professor Akinyemi said Dementia is a global problem that needed public attention, as it could spike by 2030 it not urgently addressed.

He pointed out that risk factors of dementia are low education at early age, excessive intake of alcohol, isolation of the brain, injury, genetic factors, among others.

Professor Akinyemi, therefore, advised people to take good care of their brain, avoid excessive intake of alcohol, engage in social activities, sleep well and eat foods that contain vegetables.

He enjoined government to create polices that protects the environment from air pollution, make education free as learning keeps the brain active, thus reducing the risk of dementia.

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