CSOs Call For Increased Access To TB Treatment

As the world commemorates this year’s Tuberculosis Day with the theme, ”The clock is ticking”, civil society organisations have stressed the need to raise more awareness on the debilitating effects of the medical condition on the socio-economic stability of the country.

Those who spoke with Radio Nigeria in Akure said this would prompt people to go for early diagnosis and treatment of the disease. 

Studies have shown that tuberculosis is one of the world’s deadliest infectious diseases causing the death of about 4000 people in Nigeria annually.

This year’s theme “The clock is ticking” emphasises on the need for quick action and collaboration towards ending tuberculosis.

The global pandemic which has also increased the risk of the disease is the main reason civil society organisations in Ondo State are advocating accelerated efforts towards ending tuberculosis.

They were of the view that eradicating the disease would have positive impact on the socio-economic wellbeing of the country as government would convert fund meant for drugs to building infrastructure while the people also live in good health.

Ondo State coordinator of Tuberculosis Network, Mr. Martin Mary Falana said there is urgent need to stop the disease among people.

Another stakeholder, Mrs Folasade Bamigboye urged government to make tuberculosis treatment more accessible to infected persons, possibly in all health facilities across the country in the bid to eradicate the deadly disease. 

While advising people to visit hospitals when they have persistent cough, the state programme manager on TB and leprosy in Ondo State, Dr Oluwafemi Aina said early diagnosis often helped in the treatment of tuberculosis and prevent the disease from damaging internal organs.

Dr Aina said the risk of tuberculosis was high with the Covid-19 pandemic urging people to take their health seriously.

Olufisoye Adenitan

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