….Traders Appeal for Evacuation

By Olaitan Oye-Adeitan

Akala complex in Dugbe area of Ibadan is a popular market noted for the sale of fairly used clothes also known as ‘Akube or bend down boutique”.

The market is heavily patronized by Ibadan residents and visitors as it is well stocked with various clothing materials of different shades, styles and purposes to meet the various needs of both the young and old.

The complex also accommodates tailors who are always on standby to adjust clothes just purchased to customers’ size or to quickly sow new materials.

Such is the nature of the work of some group of women whose sowing machines are stationed at a corner of the market.

However, very close to where these women work to earn their means of livelihood is this heap of refuse and other dirt oozing out a foul smell. One may even be mistaking the corner for a refuse dumb but for the kind of business activities going on there.

Findings from one of the tailors who spoke under anonymity revealed that the refuse which keeps mounting up daily had been left unevacuated for about six months.

The tailor expressed great displeasure that despite the fact that each trader pays thirty-six thousand naira yearly for the evacuation of the refuse, it has been left unattended while they keep suffering the discomfort posed and exposed to health hazards.

A customer, Mrs Funmi Owoloja decried the situation, affirming that the refuse had been left for a very long time.”In fact, I’ve been coming here for the past six months. This is how I always meet this dustbin here and in fact, the odour. We, coming here as customers at times, find it difficult to sit down here. The place is really smelling. They are running their business here and customers are coming here, is not healthy at all”.

The traders are appealing to the Oyo state Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources to help them look into the horrible situation to save them from possible epidemics.


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