Ensuring Availability of Water for All

Water is one of man’s basic needs.

It is important that everyone have access to water.

Apart from water being very important for our domestic use, it is also very important for agriculture, recreation and environment activities.

World Water Day is an annual event that highlights the importance of fresh water.

The day is used to advocate for the sustainable management of fresh water resources.

This year’s theme, “Leaving No One Behind”, describes the central promise of the 2030 agenda for sustainable water development.

Today, billions of people are still living without safe water.

Households, schools, workplaces, farms and factories are struggling to survive and thrive.

World Health Organisation, WHO report, says about sixty percent of all diseases in developing countries are related to consumption of unsafe water and poor sanitation.

It is to this end that the federal government last year launched the Nigerian standard for drinking water quality to promote the availability of safe drinking water for all Nigerians.

According to the Minister of Water Resources, Mr. Suleiman Adamu diseases related to drinking contaminated water represents a major burden on national health care delivery.

It is also gratifying that the government has declared state of emergency in the water sector while a national action plan in water sanitation and hygiene has been developed.

There is the need to put this plan into action and state government should also come up with their own blueprint on water supply.

A World Bank report indicates that forty percent of all water projects in Nigeria break down in the first one year.

It is therefore important that government should revive and maintain old water projects for the overall development of the country.

All ongoing projects by the federal government should be completed while quality laboratories in Lagos, Akure, Kano, Minna, Enugu and Gombe, need to be well equipped as part of efforts to ensure water quality surveillance and enforce standards.

In this regard, it is imperative that the National Water Resources Bill before the National Assembly should be passed into law as it will go a long way to address water shortage in the country.

Olamide Olawore

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