Covid-19: Redeemed Christian Church Carries out Medical Outreach

In addition to the efforts of Government at curtailing the spread of coronavirus, Christ the Redeemer Friends International, under the umbrella body of The Redeemed Christian Church of God, has organized a medical outreach to sensitize people on the news Covid-19 pandemic and Lassa fever.

One of the resource persons, a General Physician from the Oyo State Hospital Management Board, Dr. Olukayode Ogunkunle, urged people to adhere strictly to the precautionary measures put in place by the Government to curb further spread of the virus such as social distancing, avoidance of large gathering, regular washing of hands as often as possible.

Dr. Ogunkunle explained that coronavirus could be contracted through the droplets from the sneezing or cough of an infected person. He further advised that it was safer to use tissue paper that could be disposed after use to wipe the nose and face rather than a handkerchief.

  He also said that Lassa fever, caused by consuming food infected by rats could be prevented by ensuring proper hygiene in and around the home.

The Regional Coordinator, Christ The Redeemer Friends International, Professor Emmanuel Owolabi who said the outreach was to correct the myths about coronavirus, enjoined people to shun different fake news on Covid-19 flooding the social media platforms.

Some participants appreciated the gesture, adding that the lectures had allayed their fear about the Covid-19 and Lassa fever virus.

The health outreach was an opportunity for member of the Church to know their health status as various tests were carried out such as blood pressure, blood glucose tests, urinalysis, dental tests and malaria parasite tests.

Blessing Okareh

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