Police need to regain the trust of Nigerian youths – NYCN Chairperson

The leadership of the Nigerian Police Force need to regain the trust and confidence of its personnel in the minds of the people to avoid the continued peaceful protest by Nigerian youths. 

This formed parts of the submissions of the Oyo State Chairperson, National Youth Council of Nigeria, Mrs Adebobola Agbeja while addressing newsmen in Ibadan. 

Mrs Agbeja said the only way to achieve the rebuilding of public trust is to reform and restructure the entire force, which she said should begin from the recruitment process, overhauling of police colleges, reorientation and purposeful leadership.

The NYCN chairperson said the protest is not aimed at supporting criminality and internet fraud but a unified effort to end the excesses of personnel of the Nigeria Police notwithstanding the ban on SARS. 

Mrs Agbeja also advocated good governance and more employment opportunities for the youths. 

Also speaking, executive director of a civil society organization, Dr Oluwabukola Olatunji stressed the need for community dialogue, investigation of all former and newly disbanded SARS personnel and prosecution of bad eggs in the formation. 

Mosope Kehinde

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