Buyers Heave Sigh of Relief as Prices of Consumables Drop Gradually

Buyers of food items in Ibadan are beginning to heave a sigh of relief over the sloppy drop in the prices of food stuffs at various markets across the metropolis.

Our correspondent, Dayo Adu who observed commercial activities at Bodija Market reports that perishables like pepper, tomatoes and onions are now affordable while prices of yams, grains and meat are still high.

Although no truck was sighted offloading food stuff the market place, there was a beehive of activities as buying and selling were at its peak.

Some buyers, who spoke with Radio Nigeria, said although they could not meet up with their projected purchasing lists, they anticipated downward review of the prices to make cost of living bearable.

Traders who deal in perishables, meat and yams, explained that supplies were still inadequate, noting that they had to tip some transporters to fast track the delivery process of their goods.

Speaking, Secretary, Ibadan Food Stuff Sellers Association, Bodija Market Mrs. Toyin Alayande explained that members of the association incurred huge losses due to the stoppage of food supply chain at Jebba.

Mrs. Alayande, who expressed delight at the reopening of Jebba to allow surplus movement foods from the north down to the southwest, urged political leaders to leverage on the strength of the ethnic diversity in the nation, saying no tribe is indispensable.

As of the time of filing this report, small basket size of tomatoes now goes for seven hundred naira as against the two thousand five hundred naira it was sold a week ago.

Pepper sells for one thousand naira as against the former price of two thousand. However, prices of onions, grains and yams are yet to reduce. 

Adedayo Adu

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