Health Journalists Call For End To Gender Inequality

The Network of Reproductive Health Journalists of Nigeria (NRHJN), has urged individuals, corporate organisations, and governments at all levels as well as other stakeholders to truly choose to challenge cultural stereotypes that prevent women and girls from accessing the full potentials of their sexual reproductive health rights, end all forms of inequality, biases, and stereotypes against girls and women. 

A statement by the president of the network, Yinka Shokunbi says the incessant kidnap abduction and assaults against women and school girls especially by bandits and insurgents in Northern Nigeria, enslaving girls through child labour, as well as trafficking in the South, including all forms of gender-based violence in the country, are nothing but threats that limit or cut short the potentials of girls and women in Nigeria.

The network expects all concerned stakeholders to protect the dignity of Nigerian women and girls and give them more opportunities to contribute meaningfully to the nation’s development.

The group is asking the Federal, States and Local Governments to do more to protect the sexual and reproductive health rights of all Nigerians, especially that of women and girls from predators; ensuring all states pass the VAPP Act, Child’s Right Act and give access to justice and equity in all forms of gender-based violations. 

The statement adds that on the benefit that family planning can prevent at least 34 per cent maternal death, the NRHJN says every pro-active government should embrace the scaling up of family planning services as one of the maternal survival strategies.

Its adds that the NRHJN is seeking an improved health budget and timely releases of the funds as well as spending for purposes meant, to pave the way for regular availability of family planning commodities and needed consumables.

Olufisoye Adenitan

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