Nigerian Challenges On Policy Implementation

Over the years, numerous brilliant policies have been formulated in Nigeria through town hall meetings, national summits and various conferences, but  the paradox is that only a negligible part of these numerous policies are implemented.

This apparent defect, largely underscores the under development status of the country among comity of nations.

 The point is formulation of policies has never been lacking but rather their effective implementation for national development.

Until policies are implemented, development will be unattainable.

Non-implementation of well packaged policies calls for a change of attitude on the part of policy makers.

Policies already formulated to checkmate religious intolerance, insurgency including kidnapping, cyber-crime among the youths and general unemployment in the country needed to be implemented without further delay because they pose challenges to peaceful co-existence and meaningful growth.

Unarguably, the country needs leaders that have the political will to implement her numerous brilliant policies and sugesstions which can take the country to the next level.

For instance, the national conference of 2014 under former president Goodluck Jonathan contained many good suggestions on true federalism, electoral reforms and revenue sharing formular to address perceived marginalisation and injustice.

The need to enhance development process in Nigeria is ever becoming more crucial and urgent but the truth is that this can only be realized on the ability of the government to formulate and implement appropriate policies which are capable of improving the standard of living of citizens.

Failure to do this simply means that Nigeria may continue to remain in the category of least developed countries of the world.

Majority of Nigerians are currently experiencing abject poverty and lack of basic social amenities not because there are no good policies to ameliorate the situation, poor policy implementation is the achilles heel of the Nigerian State.

This should be a matter of concern to all Nigerians who know that most policies are formulated and funds appropriated for, but corruption like an octopus has continued to entangle, ruin and make the implementation impossible.

The overall objective of every government is about improvement in the standard of living of its citizens and to promote growth and development.

Realizing these noble objectives entails not only the formulation of policies but the effective implementation of such formulated policies by leaders for the overall development of the nation.

Lillian Ibomor

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