Heatwave in India leaves millions stranded

Millions of Indians are experiencing a brutal heat-wave that is throwing lives and livelihoods out of gear without relief in sight.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the  temperatures are rising rapidly in the country, and rising much earlier than usual.

“The India Meteorological Department, IMD, has forecast a gradual rise in maximum temperatures by 2-4C over most parts of North-western and central India this week, with “no large change thereafter”.

While heat-waves are common in India, especially in May and June, summer began early this year with high temperatures from March itself – average maximum temperatures in the month were the highest in 122 years. Heat-waves also began setting in during the month.

The Centre for Science and Environment, a think tank, says that early heat-waves this year have affected around 15 states, including the northern state of Hi-machal Pradesh, known for its pleasant temperatures.
BBC/Taiwo Akinola


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