Addressing Indecent Dressing Among Youths

One of the values of the African culture is to appear decent in looks and actions.

This decent behaviour is part of the factors that formed the Omoluabi concept in Yoruba culture.

Although, it may be legally difficult to determine indecent dressing, considering the different cultures and religions in the country. Some dressings, however, may be offensive to human reasoning.

Radio Nigeria examines perceived indecent dressing among male folks.

A young man’s earing.

It is no longer news that men, especially, the youths now wear earrings and often times plait their hair.

Some others also sag their trousers exposing their panties.

These types of dressings are believed to be indecent by a section of the public, some youths gave justification for their choice of dressings.

An elderly man who decried the decadence in the society explained that it was unwholesome for the male youths to plait their hair, saying that it was offensive to the Yoruba culture. He also blamed the problems on the importation of western culture into the country.

Two clerics, Mr Bakare Ojo and Sheik Quazeem Ibrahim condemned the trend saying it contradicted their religious beliefs.

A traditionalist, Mr Samson Iyade said it was morally right for sango worshippers to plait their hair in reference to the god of thunder.

Mr Iyade, however, added that the traditional religion did not support other types of dressings that were offensive to human reasoning.

Toyosi Atinsola/Funmi Obagbayegun


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