Swedish authorities say people who got trapped in 1,000 vehicles in heavy snow for more than 24 hours have been evacuated.

Rescuers worked through the night to free people stuck on the main E22 road in the Skane Area of southern Sweden.

Many of those trapped were evacuated by rescue teams and told to return to their cars later.

The travel chaos occurred amid plummeting winter temperatures across the Nordic countries.

Extreme cold weather has hit parts of Sweden, Finland and Norway, and snow storms in Denmark have left drivers trapped on a motorway near Aarhus since Wednesday.

The Kvikkjokk-Arrenjarka weather station in northern Sweden recorded its coldest night for 25 years on Tuesday night, with temperatures dropping to -43.6C.

Rescuers said all people travelling by car had been evacuated and only lorry drivers remained in their vehicles by Thursday morning.

Rescue teams began clearing cars from the snowbound E22 but many of the lorries were expected to remain on the road until Friday.

Buses and trains were cancelled in the Skane region on Thursday morning and authorities urged people to avoid unessential travel.

BBC/Maxwell Oyekunle

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