Afenifere Leaders React to Pa Ayo Fasanmi’s Demise

The National Leader of Afenifere, Pa Reuben Fashoranti has described the demise of his Pa Ayo Fasanmi as a personal loss to him, the Southwest and the nation as a whole.  

Pa Fashoranti, while reacting to the death of the elder statesman in Akure, said the Late Fasanmi’s immense contributions to Nigerian politics and the qualities of honesty and uprightness which he displayed while alive would definitely outlive him.   

The Secretary General of Afenifere, Bashorun Seinde Arogbofa noted that Pa Fasanmi and his contemporaries lived a life of chastity despite occupying top political offices.

He said Pa Fasanmi would be greatly missed by his followers and the Pan Yoruba group as he exemplified the welfarist philosophy of the Afenifere.

Bashorun Arogbofa, who condemned the current crop of politicians for their greed for wealth, urged them to learn from the legacies of forthrightness, contentment and selfless service left behind by the late Second Republic Senator, Pa Ayo Fasanmi.

Bukola Bardi

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