Ogun State Government Moves to Improve Healthcare Delivery

A five-day workshop has been organised to improve the implementation of the Ogun State Strategic Health Development Plan which has not been performing well.

Ogun State Commissioner for Health, Dr Tomi Coker while declaring the workshop open in Abeokuta, said a review report had revealed that funding had prevented the implementation of the development plan in the last two years.

Correspondent Wale Oluokun has the details.

The five day workshop has in attendance various partners of the Ogun State Health Ministry including UNICEF with the aim of defining the present state of the health sector in the state in line with the five year plan starting from year 2018 ending in 2022.

The workshop was to enable the setting up of the Annual Operational Plan to define the trajectory, the road-map and timeline for getting to the desired state in the health sector. 

According to the Ogun State Commissioner for Health, the workshop was an important tool for translating government intentions and policies into tangible actions. 

Dr. Coker said it will help to define trajectory, the road-map and timeline for getting to the desired destination of the health sector in Ogun state.

The commissioner expressed dissatisfaction with the report indicating that 49% of the developed health interventions are still at 0% level of implementation.

That 37% interventions were at less than 50% implementation while 12% interventions were at above 50% level of implementation and just only 2% of all interventions were 100% implemented noting that the data shows that the state was not doing well in that regard.

Dr. Coker said there are 50 areas of interventions in the plan which include maternal and child health, Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) such as hypertension, diabetes, cancer, tuberculosis, family planning uptake, immunization and infrastructure among others, which the state will pursue vigorously without leaving any stone unturned.

In his remarks, the Head, Planning Research and Statistics (PRS), Federal Ministry of Health, Dr. Angus Ikpe, commended Ogun State government for ensuring that the Annual Operational Plan workshop becomes a reality, pointing out that the plan will support the efforts of the sector in the coming year.

Wale Oluokun

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