IMS Sets Tone for Good Governance, Women Journalists Brace Up for Elections


It’s a defining moment in the history of Nigeria as citizens anticipate who their next leaders would be in the next four years.

But one thing appears paramount, a desired change in all spheres of economic life which requires active voices.

One of the initiatives put in place by the Institute for Media and Society, IMS in achieving this goal is to build the capacity of female Journalists, especially in digital multimedia storytelling skills to be able to participate effectively in the coverage of electoral processes.

Hence the workshop organised by IMS for female journalists in Nigeria as explained by the Executive Director, IMS, Dr Akin Akingbulu  “We have seen from our engagement and research that women journalists have not been participating as actively as they should in the coverage of the electoral process. One of the reasons behind it is that they also do not have sufficient skills, especially in the digital era that is essential in the coverage of the electoral process”, Dr Akingbulu said.

Dr Akingbulu pointed out that enhanced capacity would produce enhanced professionalism.

Project Manager, IMS, Mr Timothy Bamidele explained that the programme was to ensure inclusive, pluralistic and all stakeholders participatory democracy as the 2023 elections draw nearer.

“This is in fulfilment of the European Union’s vision in ensuring that good governance is entrenched in Nigerian.

One of the overall objectives is to deepen inclusion, especially for groups whose voices have not been amplified. Women, youths have been captured so that in all areas of professional development, women should be able to have the voice and contribute their own quota to national development”, Mr Bamidele added.

Participants were taken through impactful and engaging training sessions on digital multimedia storytelling by versatile facilitators, Ehi Ohiani and Cyril Usifo.

Technical Sessions With Ehi

Listening to this tall fair in complexion lady was really captivating.

She combines beauty with brains, dishing out digital methods of telling the public stories in a more interesting manner that would help them to make informed decisions, keep the government on their toes and engender positive change in Nigeria.

Mrs Ehi equally demonstrated ways of handling facilities such as the camera to have excellent images while stressing the need for journalists to uphold integrity in all they do.

Time With Cyril

Technical Sessions with Cyril were quite illuminating and interesting.

With the practical demonstration, he opened the eyes of the female journalists to various social media and publishing tools that would assist them in their productions.

Cyril Usifo hammered on the need for women to extend their passion to creating content that would meet the core needs of the audience.

Mr Network

Mr Network was one character some participants could not wait to lay ambush for as it kept evading being caught during an aspect of the workshop.

Participants however attested to the fact that the training would spur them to make significant impacts in their profession.

Olaitan Oye-Adeitan

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