Tailoring: Essential Tips You Should Know

By Anjola Agboola

Tailoring is a very intellectual, interesting and renowned skill. Some tailors sew fabrics as a hobby(in their leisure time) while some take it as a source of their income.

In designing, one thing is cutting the fabric, another thing is sewing, while another thing is perfection. There are basic things you should do to make your sewing and design outstanding.

Firstly, accurate measurement is important before cutting. A wrong measurement can lead to wrong cutting and which will definitely lead to a poorly made dress. Measurements for each segment must be accurate, for example, waist, burst, hips, shoulder, to mention, but a few.

Then, another factor to consider is the body shape, skin color and choice of fabrics. As a fashion designer, you must know what fits best, for each customer. A tall slender lady cannot make use of fabrics that have vertical stripes and a short robust lady cannot make use of fabrics that has horizontal stripes.

Also, a very light skinned lady should not make use of very bright colour of fabrics like yellow, orange etc. Its more suitable for dark skinned lady, as it’ll blend and match their complexion.

Likewise a dark skinned lady should not put on shady clothes. Imagine a dark skinned lady putting on a black gown and black accessories, it won’t really fit well on her.

All these, the fashion designer should know, and not just sew fabrics for money sake.

After getting all these done, next is to cut the fabrics. One must take note of the basic and major measurements, like, shoulder, arm-hole, burst, waist, hips, full/short length, sleeve, etc. Indicate and trace out the measurements adding adequate allowances on the fabric, with the aid of chalk and tape rule.

Meanwhile, the tape rule you’d use should be the one that is complete and accurate. It is adviceable to use the same tape rule you used in measuring, to cut the fabrics, so they won’t antagonize each other. Tape rule measurements do differ from each other.

If you are not so sure of a design or it’s your first time cutting a specific design, you don’t just dive into cutting the fabrics, you should make use of brown paper to draft your pattern and design, on. That will really help from making huge mistakes.

Next step to take is fixing the appropriate colour of thread that matches the fabrics, to the sewing machine(either Manual or Electrical). Making sure all other parts of the machine are in good condition, as a fault in a part can hinder the smooth work. For example, the Shuttle, Bobbin case, Needle Bar, to mention, but a few.

Now, sewing starts. This is the most important aspect, as it is, when the design is being made/brought out. If you’re not so sure of the design, you can always go back to the picture of the design and verify.

Mistakes can lead to losing the fabrics repeatedly and this can uglify it. Therefore, to avert this, adequate seriousness and calmness are required, to be able to achieve ultimate desire.

Ironing of fabrics while sewing is also essential, as it makes the work neat and faster. I know of some tailors that do not iron until the dress is done. Its not proper at all, always try and iron your fabrics while sewing.

After getting the desired design, perfection is all that remains. Make sure your work is neat. Cut off ALL threads(always try your best to do this frequently) and iron neatly again. At this juncture, you can add appliques and embodiments, if necessary, to beautify such dress.

Package and brand your dress, it really goes a long way in advertising your work.

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