Domestic Violence: Stakeholders Want Quick Dispensation of Justice

Participants at an advocacy event against domestic abuse have call for the quick dispensation of justice in cases of domestic violence and the need for more victims to report such incidents to relevant authorities.

This was the outcome of the communique reached at a seminar against domestic abuse in Asaba, with the theme: ‘Scream Naija against Domestic Abuse’.

The Delta State Chairperson of the Nigeria Association of Women Journalists, NAWOJ Comrade Pat Gbemudu, at the event said the speedy conclusion of cases of all forms of abuse would help victims overcome the trauma suffered due to physical or mental abuse.

Dr. Favor Chukwuemeka-Alexandaer, who led an advocacy group for Victims of Matrimonial Abuse, observed that some male folk take advantage of leverages in the African culture to abuse their wives, stressing domestic abuse cases were underreported in the nation.

Delta State Acting Coordinator of the National Human Rights Commission Mr. Nicolas Osadolor, explained that there were various types of abuse including child abuse and victimization against men and women, which he noted has resulted in broken homes, drug abuse and suicidal tendencies among victims.

Speakers at the event harped on the need for a campaign against domestic abuse in schools to educate the young ones about the menace and how to report to relevant authorities in such situations.


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