Cost Of Nomination Forms: Punitive, Anti-Democratic -Adeduntan

An aspirant and Oyo State Governoship hopeful on the platform of All Progressives Congress,  APC, Dr Azeez  Adeduntan has obtained  gubernatorial expression of interest and nomination forms for the sum of Fifty Million Naira.

Dr Adeduntan while answering questions from journalists after picking the forms at the APC headquarters in Abuja  complained that the prices for all the nomination forms are punitive, anti-democratic, discouraging and painful to all contenders.

“We have weighed all options with supporters and Almighty God that not obtaining the form despite being punitive for people who truly want to serve Oyo State and the suffering masses  would be unwise and an unmitigated disaster  if we allow those that have inordinately hijacked the party structures through illicit and illegal means to succeed in forcing a situation of a fate accompli (helplessness) on Oyo APC “
“There can be no democracy without justice.”Not to participate in the primary and wrestle power from brigandage and anti democratic forces in APC will be to surrender to adversity and evil”.
Dr Adeduntan thanked all his supporters throughout the world and delegates who continue to urge him to obtain the forms despite its its high cost.
He looked forward to meeting all contenders on the field on 18th of this month for a free,fair and credible Governorship primary .
“We must rescue and return APC Oyo from anti democratic forces and bring all members to respect democratic norms of one man one vote ,not through electoral hijacking .On this our determination is iron clad .No quit or surrender.”

Ridwan Fasasi


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