Experts Identify Causes of Mortality among Cancer Patients

As Nigeria joins the rest of the world to celebrate World Cancer Day, inadequate experts and facilities have been identified as major factors responsible for death of cancer patients in the country. 

Dr  Adeniyi Adesanya of the Federal Medical Center, Idi Aba Abeokuta made this known in an interview with Radio Nigeria’s Paramount FM Abeokuta. 

Dr Adesanya called on government to make the diagnosis and treatment of the disease accessible to the people to reduce its scourge. 

While highlighting the need to increase awareness on early stage cancer detection, screening and diagnosis towards combating the disease, the medical expert urged the members of the public to stop the habit of bleaching the skin as it removes the healthy part of the skin and increase the risk of getting the disease.

Also speaking, a medical expert, Dr Marian Ibrahim, who stressed the need for the people to desist from smoking and excess consumption of alcohol, advised Nigerians to go for comprehensive medical check-up at least twice a year to know their health status.

The theme of this year’s cancer day is “I am and I will”

Olajumoke Idowu 


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