Tears as Mother Who Died with Two Sons is Buried

The gesture of worshippers at the funeral service of Mrs. Doreen Wemimo Ishola held at the Foursquare Church of Nigeria, Okebola, Ibadan depicts the posture of “may this never happen to my family”.

Mrs. Ishola with two out of her children died in a road accident last December in Ibadan.

Adedayo Adelowo who attended the funeral reports that nine-year-old Stephen, the second child of the family was the only one who survived the accident.

At the burial service, the congregation took a hymn as the body of Mrs. Doreen was laid in front of the church.

The emotional expression on the faces of Stephen the only child remaining for the family and the sole survivor of the accident and Mr. Adewale, the father who did not take part in the ill-fated journey could suggest the question “who feels the pain the more”?

Is it Mr. Adewale who had lost his wife, a life partner and two of his loving children, or the nine-year-old Stephen who lost his mother, a jewel and his siblings who he had spent his nine years’ experience with, and still hoped to be with for many more years.

The worshippers sobbed quietly ruminating on the circumstance that surrounded the death.

Residents around the church premises who could not attend the service stood in groups discussing the circumstance of the death as well as trying to catch a glimpse of what was happening in the church.

Taking the bible reading, the survivor, Stephen who still had scars resulting from the injury sustained in the road accident said he wished his mother and siblings lived again.

“The accident happened suddenly and I did not know anything again until I found myself inside the police vehicle. My brothers and my mummy were dead” he said.

The bereaved husband and father, Pastor Ishola Adewale is yet to fathom what happened.

He described the situation as extremely unfortunate.

“I wasn’t the vehicle with them, my wife and my children. The Micra driver pulled out of the line on top speed and rammed into the tanker. It was a head-on collision. My wife died on the spot, two other children died in the hospital. The situation is difficult to describe, it was a close family. My first son was fourteen and the last one was seven.” Adewale said

Elder brother to the deceased, Robert Owaiye expressed gladness that his sister lived to fulfill purpose in Christ.

In different tributes, church members, neighours, and friends described Mrs. Doreen as a devout Christian who was accommodating to a fault.

In a sermon, District Secretary, Foursquare Church Aba-Ibeji, Reverend Damilola Lewis charged Christians to live purposeful lives.

He encouraged people not to worry much about their past but should instead seek ways of getting a better tomorrow.

While regretting the cause of the death, Reverend Lewis implored the government to always take quick preventive measures by promptly removing broken down vehicles before they result in avoidable casualties.

Doreen Wemimo Ishola nee Owaiye hailed from Edo state and died at the age of 48.

Adedayo Adelowo

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